Past Broadcasts

2 days ago 144
Time for some Beat Saber and then some FFXIV afterwards!
9 days ago 25
It's freaking hot outside. FFXIV this evening!
12 days ago 88
A bit of FFXIV and a rhythm game or two (depends on time and energy levels).
16 days ago 90
Beat Saber evening and perhaps some FFXIV afterwards (depending on time and energy levels).
20 days ago 68
Some Synth Riding first and then FFXIV for cool-down. Have to keep an eye out on an incoming storm.
23 days ago 32
Going to keep the physical activity to a minimum - it's hot and that is that. FFXIV tonight with Baelgor!
a month ago 160
Stream Plan: FFXIV, Beat Saber and Synth Riders!
a month ago 33
Co-Op time Baelgor - Children of Morta.
a month ago 120
Beat Saber and then some FFXIV if there is time (and energy).
a month ago 171
Pew Pew Time (no MR) - it has been awhile. FFXIV afterwards with Baelgor by my side. ^.^
a month ago 80
Pew Pew Time - it has been awhile. FFXIV afterwards with Baelgor by my side. ^.^
a month ago 351
Baelgor is here! Some Beat Saber and perhaps a sit down co-op game depending on time and energy. Happy 4th of July everyone!
a month ago 104
Beat Saber Time: No overly techy, wrist flicky maps allowed. Lets enjoy some music together, sing along and chill.
a month ago 33
Sit down game evening - still a little sore from streaming this past Sunday! Skipping through CS in FFXIV since I've already played through.
2 months ago 267
Do a bit of FFXIV (maybe I can manage to get a 24 man dungeon done) and then onto Beat Saber.
2 months ago 157
Beat Saber to start off my Thursday evening strim!
2 months ago 70
Lets do some FFXIV this evening - skipping cutscenes when I can because I have seen this story before. I am sorry!
2 months ago 229
A mix of games today, one of which will be Beat Saber. Chill time, all the time!
2 months ago 204
Beat Saber time - come hang out, request music, watch me slice block!
2 months ago 95
Some pewpews in Audica (it's been a few weeks) and, if I am up for it, either FFXIV or Vampire Survivors.