Past Broadcasts

a day ago 49
Stream for a bit this evening. Synth Riders!
7 days ago 96
Thanksgiving Stream. I do have some Christmas decor up! Gotta get in the mood! Streaming whatever takes mah fancy.
8 days ago 51
Get my arm muscles bigger! Beat Saber time. No wrist flicker requests allowed.
11 days ago 91
Starting of with FFXIV with Baelgor then Synth Riders after. See how I am feeling after that for possibly another 2D game.
13 days ago 26
Rhythm Game VR Pew Pews. Lets' Go!
15 days ago 59
Block Slicing time People! Requests welcome! No wrist flicers plzthnxwithbbqsauceondaside.
18 days ago 53
No Camera today. Chilling with 2D games today. VR again Tuesday. EQ1 will be played (real old school stuff).
20 days ago 59
Thursday night pre-gateway. Pew Pews time.
22 days ago 59
Doing a Wednesday Stream: throwing together an Inspirational to post on TikTok then on to a 2D game(s). TTS not fixed yet.
22 days ago 93
Boop Balls and maybe 2D game. See how it goes. I have off tomorrow! TTS not working this evening - I am sorry!
24 days ago 39
Feeling a little better. Some Beat Saber and maybe a 2D game. Trying to conquer the time change blues. Half my hair is dyed auburn!
a month ago 83
Starting Stream Late. Pancake Cames today: FFXIV and Ember's Adrift.
a month ago 63
Rhythm Pew Pews. Thursday is just the gateway to the gateway to the weekend. Maybe 2D game after pewpews. We will see.
a month ago 37
Block Slicing time to, hopefully, boppy music. Map requests are welcome, wrist flickers are not.
a month ago 153
Mix of 2D and VR games today. ^.^ Soothing Vampire Survivors, some FFXIV & a rhythm game.
a month ago 44
Rhythm Pew Pew time
a month ago 51
Beat Saber - I am feeling a bit down but need to keep up with this shiz. Requests welcome, wrist flicking maps are not.
a month ago 246
Games n'Stuff.
2 months ago 36
Pew Pews tonight. Maybe Beat Saber if I am feeling super cute.
2 months ago 40
I am still waiting for Twitch to unaffiliate me (geez). Braving the 85F in my apartment: Some Beat Saber & perhaps a 2D game.